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My husband and I purchased a custom made Graceland garage building from a local dealer (Deborah) in Anderson, SC in December 2016.First let me say that Deborah at Double A Sales is the greatest!

She went above and beyond to make Graceland's wrong a right. When our building was delivered, there were multiple issues, there was stain all over the front, roll down door, there were loose shingles on the roof, the floor of the building was bowed up in places and the stain on the building was hit and miss....whoever stained the building must have only had one eye open. When the delivery guy was writing up the damages on his invoice, he made the statement "You will really have to press them to get them to fix your building since you have paid cash for it". I should have denied the delivery and refused to make the last $4000 payment on it.

Thinking that Graceland was a Christian based company, I thought that surely they would stand behind their product. BOY WAS I WRONG. Long story short, after MULTIPLE phone calls to Deborah and Graceland, they insisted on making us a new building. Four weeks later when they came to deliver it, guess what......the windows and doors were on the wrong side.

Not what we ordered at all! So what ended up happening was they came out and reinforced the shotty floor on our building and replaced the roll up door that had stain all over it. While the guy was here working on the floor he told my husband that the building needed to be re-leveled but that he couldn't do that, one of the set up guys would need to come and do that part. After a couple of phone calls to Deborah, a set up guy finally came by and looked around the building, took a couple of level measurements and said that we needed an additional block placed but that he didn't have any.....go figure.

So anyway, he leveled it with a scrap piece of wood. In the meantime he busted up the cement block that he removed and just left it there. To spare you the time, I never mentioned the duration and the customer service hassles that my husband and I incurred during this entire ordeal. Graceland has the most UNPROFESSIONAL and UNCOUTH people that you will EVER encounter.

If I had my time to go over again, I would have a builder to custom design a building for me.

The cost would have been about the same with much less hassle.So my final words are..................BEWARE!

Review about: Graceland Portable Buildings Garage Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Seneca, South Carolina, United States #1340946

The Graceland main office hung up the phone on me when I called to complain about the new building I bought.It looks like a Cub Scout troop put it together.

The set up guy that delivered it complained about working past !:30 pm. and couldn`t get out of here fast enough. The building was only supported on the four corners, the blocks were all leaning and he jammed some wood shims (wedge 2X4`s) to make it level.

they said they would come back and fix it.They never came back.

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