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I bought a 12x32 lofted building. The roof was peeled back in a wind storm (not enough screws) I called them at least 10 times to fix the roof and spoke to(Lawrence the region mgr in Albuquerque Nm) their warranty does not mean anything. After 5 mos I told them to pick up their building. I'm out 4,000 dollars and a lot of stress. Do not deal with these people they are a bunch of crooks. Lawrence... Read more

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Don't buy from Graceland. I was told delivery in 21 days. It took 6 weeks. Very, very poor workmanship. I have complained to sales person, regional sales supervisor, and regional sales manager. They never return calls. It is so messed up that I told them to come and get it. That's not possible they said. I was told by the regional inspector, "Too bad you are not Bill Gates, you could keep... Read more

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I would not reccomend! This people sweet talk to you about how good and well built the buildings are... After waiting almost 2mths it finally arrived. Didn't have it for more than 3 mths when the shingles started to fall off... Complaint to dealer and dealer would say.. Will u have to call corporate. Called and took 3wks of no answer, called again and they said paperwork was misplaced. Fixed... Read more

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Would NOT recommend!!! They are overly priced for nothing special. Then if you decide you do not want to purchase a building anymore and try to get your money back it will take FOREVER because they will give you the run around. They say it will take two or three weeks but I have been waiting about two months now and every time I call they forward me to "someone who can help me", but that person... Read more

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Business Owner defrauded out of his business by unscrupulous and unethical business practices, and numerous deceptive trade acts. I was fraudulently induced to purchase 2 Graceland locations after working 8 months with 10-12 hour days. JD Laney and Kent Meyer first provided fraudulent information so I would purchase these locations. After purchasing the Reagor Springs and the Corsicana locations... Read more

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Purchased a storage building in June 2011. Hurricane Irene destroyed in August 2011. September 2011 we received a letter stating our contract was invalid, so we advised Graceland to come and get their building. When the driver showed up and saw the building was destroyed by Hurricane Irene, he refused to take it from the property, so the building sat still until December 2011 when we were... Read more

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