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I had a repo i called graceland portable Buildings to pick the building up.on 05/21/2016 on05/23/2016.thay sents a drive that pickes up for Graceland portable Building to pick up my building.graceland portable building told me the driver name was Randy.So the driver randy shows up between 9:30am.and10:00am on 05/23/2016 to pick up the building .in the mean time i was doing thinks in my home.the nextthing i no the driver Randy was my son... Read more

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First of all im 2 yrs into a 3 year contract...took over 2 months to get it at my home...they charged me for both months and I didnt even have it!! I just let that go since I am continuing until paid for & mine. The "Carny" that they sent...broke his machine...sat at my home for 4 one helping him or anything...I fjnally drive him for 2 hrs around town looking for a belt for his machine. To no avail, I finally dragged his machine to his... Read more

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the lady in Summerville sc told us the radiant barrier was standered.We found out other wise and was told after we got the building it was an option. The ads say buildings are cooler and w the new radiant barrier helps. Come to find out unless you know about the insulation you will not get it. I find the ads miss leading but the sales rep in Goose Creek was most helpful and was very kind and gave use options the Summerville branch did not... Read more

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I had no problems what so ever. Ordered building, 30 days later was delivered. Walk in door would not close correctly and the setup driver adjusted and replaced part of the lock Assembly. Level and setup went flawless. I'd buy another one from same dealer in Greenville Ms Add comment

recently fell behind with payments. Company called and situation was rendered correct. so I thought!! Was told per conversation upon paying amount that was late, contract would be reinstated and a bill would be sent to address. def.. no the case. we had not rec, a bill for 3 months. they showed up and now its gone. Driver stated the contract was never reinstated per phone conversation and no statement was mailed. So needless to say the... Read more

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I stopped by Graceland Portable Buildings just to inquire about pricing. The lady said they do not do credit checks (1st clue the prices are not what they appear to be). I replied, "I have good credit. I'm not looking for your financing." She prepared 3 different payment plans on the 2 building I was interested in. 1. Price: $8,729.0036 months, payments $430.39 total would be $15,494.04 2. 48 months, payments $370.38 = $18,162.24 3. 60... Read more

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I have agraceland building i got behind on my payments i called them to fix it where i could keep my building and they said i would have to pay like three thousand something dollars up front to keep it i even told them i wouldstart over my payments and they said that they couldn't do that i was trying to keep my building i have made a house out of it and now i have to take what i built on to it off it dont make no since i want to keep my house Read more

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I ordered my shed 5 years ago. I had purchased property back then and wanted to see the land. I had no idea, the USA had so many remote places and I sure found out. The shed came approx. 3 weeks after I ordered it and I met the delivery in town. He said he would never of found the land if I hadn't met him. The building was tight and safe and smelled of fresh wood. As the wild animals roamed at night I knew the dogs and I where tugged in a... Read more

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I have a building that I need moved. I arranged a move and then the driver reneged and now I am stuck abandoning the building. I paid over $4,000 and now I can't take it with me.  I may as well burn it down, since I can't take it to my new residence. This company needs to WAKE UP or go out of BUSINESS! Don't waste your money!  I have celled them over and over and they don't care and they certainly  don't do anything to... Read more

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